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What’s New in iOS 9.3?

iphone 6s

Apple has updated the operating system powering the iPhone and iPad to the latest version 9.3.

In this update, there are a number of new and improved features to make your iPhone even better.

Let’s look at the hi-lights.

The update brings a new feature called Night Shift. It has been shown that bright blue light can disturb sleep, so it is recommended not to use phones and tablets directly before bed.

This feature tries to address this by automatically changing your iPhone to warmer colours. Using the time and location, the phone knows when to start the feature.

In terms of compatibility, iOS 9 works with iPhones as old as the 4S, so the benefits are open to many owners.

On the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, there are new 3D Touch Quick Actions for several standard apps, including Weather, Settings, Compass and Health.

The news app has been enhanced in iOS 9.3 to tailor it more to your interests. The For You section includes trending topics and choices from Apple editors to help find good content.

Some useful features in this update – we’ll all sleep better until the next release when Apple is likely to be unveiling the iPhone 7.


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