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Can I upgrade on Orange and T-Mobile?

Due to huge customer demand, 9 out 10 customers are now opting to upgrade to EE from Orange and T Mobile. With amazing benefits on EE's superfast 4G network and great prices, our customers are delighted to move over!
Call us now to see how we can upgrade you to a new phone or sim today: 0203 869 4252. Take a look at the FAQs below for more information.

Can I still get help on my Orange or T-Mobile plan?

Yes, EE will continue to serve Orange and T-Mobile customers as normal.

Upgrade to superfast 4G

Upgrading to EE means you'll get the latest phones and superfast 4G speeds. Moving from Orange or T-Mobile you'll get some great new benefits at superfast 4G speeds. You will notice the difference straight away!
Call us today on how to upgrade your phone: 0203 869 4252.
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Superfast and Super Reliable

4G is here. It's the technology everyone's talking about. And we're bringing it to you on the UK's biggest and fastest network - EE. You can find out all about 4G in this short video – and find out more about our devices and plans by clicking the link below.


As a valued customer of ours we offer you the following:
  • Keep your existing number, T Mobile and Orange are owned by EE, so there is no hassle!
  • Latest smartphones from all the best brands.
  • Free gift with all upgrades.
  • Early Upgrades – Call us today if you can upgrade early: 0203 869 4252
Amazing discounts on your next upgrade to EE. Check if you can upgrade now!

The legal bit

Just how fast your 4G will be depends on a couple of things: where you are and how many other people are using 4G too. Average 4G speeds 12-15Mb/second (EE test data 2013).
Limited 4G coverage: see 4G speeds depend on location and number of users. Fastest overall network: Mobile only. Based on RootMetrics® RootScore® Reports on data speeds as an average across 3G and 4G in 16 UK large urban zones, Jan-Dec 2013. Your experience may vary. For more information, visit Biggest network: Mobile only.