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The 43 Best Things to Ask Siri

Siri, go ahead I'm listening

Repeat after me: “Siri, take me to directmobiles.co.uk”. While our imaginations for an AI future run wild, we should pause to remember one of the most (if not the first) revolutionary introductions to machine assistance on a mass scale: Siri for the iPhone. Of course, there are plenty of incredibly useful things to ask, like … Read moreThe 43 Best Things to Ask Siri

This Week’s Tech News – The Rock, Nokia, MS Paint

The Rock teamed up with Apple to release a mini-movie or if you prefer advertisement to show how much he gets done by using the iPhone’s digital assistant, Siri. The film sees The Rock check his schedule, read emails, gets a car ride and more with Apple’s voice assistant. He relies heavily on the ‘Hey … Read moreThis Week’s Tech News – The Rock, Nokia, MS Paint

The Lowdown on iOS 9

Apple will soon be launching its revised operating system for iPhones and iPads – iOS9. Due in the Autumn, iOS9 will come with a good variety of exciting new features as well as improved existing ones. Here’s the lowdown on what we can expect to see. Apple Pay Apple Pay will be available in the UK … Read moreThe Lowdown on iOS 9