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Apple’s next big event is September 12

Apple September 2017 invite

Apple have sent out invites to the press and tech world for its next big event on September 12th, where it is expected to reveal new additions to its phone, watch and Apple TV range.  Along with software update iOS 11. The event will be the first to be hosted at the Steve Jobs Theatre … Read moreApple’s next big event is September 12

This Week’s Tech News – The Rock, Nokia, MS Paint

The Rock teamed up with Apple to release a mini-movie or if you prefer advertisement to show how much he gets done by using the iPhone’s digital assistant, Siri. The film sees The Rock check his schedule, read emails, gets a car ride and more with Apple’s voice assistant. He relies heavily on the ‘Hey … Read moreThis Week’s Tech News – The Rock, Nokia, MS Paint

iPhone 7 Rumours: what will come with the new Apple phone?

The iPhone 6 ushered in the standard and Plus sizes and many other innovations. Apple has since brought out the SE model, that is smaller, but packs a punch. However, as the autumn approaches, then the rumours start to build for the next big release, which will be the iPhone 7. Can Apple continue to … Read moreiPhone 7 Rumours: what will come with the new Apple phone?

What’s New in iOS 9.3?

Apple has updated the operating system powering the iPhone and iPad to the latest version 9.3. In this update, there are a number of new and improved features to make your iPhone even better. Let’s look at the hi-lights. The update brings a new feature called Night Shift. It has been shown that bright blue … Read moreWhat’s New in iOS 9.3?

The #AppleEvent: New Launches, Specs & Numbers

The #AppleEvent started off with a bang with Tim Cook on stage and culminated with what everybody was waiting for – the iPhone of the year. Watching the live stream and reading the outpour of Apple love on Twitter, the event was a mega success just like every year. All around the world, people were tuning in … Read moreThe #AppleEvent: New Launches, Specs & Numbers

What’s In A Name? The New Apple iPhone

Is it the iPhone 6S or is it iPhone 7? What do we call it? The maker of the largest selling phones in the UK is silent, adding to the mystery surrounding the launch. Follow us on Twitter @DirectMobilesUK so you know as soon as we confirm the name!

What’s the difference?

The ‘S’ series has typically been about improvements on previous models, and they have also fared better in the market, so Apple might be leaning towards it. On the other hand, since the new iPhone brings a whole bunch of new features, it just may be tagged a new version in itself – the iPhone 7.

Look-wise, the iPhone is not expected to have a completely new design, though new colours “Rose Gold” and even Pink are being discussed. It’s more about what’s inside. Features such as ForceTouch along with updates to Siri, a better camera and faster processor can be expected, according to rumours that we picked up earlier.


History of ‘i’

Let’s have a little flashback, shall we? Ever since the first iMac came out, Apple has added the ‘i’ to its products. Steve Jobs apparently said

Read moreWhat’s In A Name? The New Apple iPhone

5 Predictions About The New iPhone

Everybody’s excited and waiting in anticipation for the launch of Apple’s latest iPhone. The media is in a frenzy and discussion boards are heating up. Want to know what all the fuss is about? Here’s a roundup about predictions and speculations we’re reading about including ideas on new features and composition.   30% Faster: Rumours … Read more5 Predictions About The New iPhone