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Samsung Galaxy A9 Review | Flagship Quad-Camera Features Without the Price

Instagram addicts, rejoice! The Samsung Galaxy A9 is a great phone for anyone who fancies themselves as a keen photographer. With its quad-cam setup, featuring no less than four rear cameras, it offers innovative solutions for taking snaps.


The quad-cam may well be the main selling point for this phone. As well as a 24MP camera (front and back), the setup includes a 120 degree wide angle lens, a telephoto lens, and a depth-sensing camera. Used together, they offer a powerful tool kit for capturing images. Of course, this may seem like overkill if you’re happy with just a standard smartphone camera, but amateur photographers will love the possibilities offered by this phone.


To store your photos, and more, the A9 comes with 128GB of space, as well as a microSD slot if you need to add more memory. The 3,800mAh battery is long-lasting, and fast-charging, although there are no wireless charging options, which you’ll either love or hate. Some people love being able to wirelessly charge their phone, some really couldn’t care.


The phone itself has a stylish design, and is available in bright blue or bubblegum pink, as well as standard black. The sleek appearance features a glass back, which can quickly become very slippery, so using this phone without a case is not recommended unless you’re particularly careful with your smartphone handling. Unlike older Samsungs, the A9 features a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, to be used with your index finger. This may take some getting used to, but it allows for a smooth frontal design, with no buttons and nearly all screen.

Samsung Galaxy A9

Screen size

The 6.3 inch screen, with Full HD+ display, means that this is a large-sized phone. Users with smaller hands may have a bit of trouble adapting to the size, particularly when it comes to using the volume, power and lock buttons, on the side of the unit. The side also features the unique Samsung Bixby button, designed to launch a smart voice assistant.  This feature, like the quad-cam, is the type of thing you’d normally expect to find in the Samsung Galaxy S-series, so its inclusion in the more budget-friendly A-range is a great addition.

All in all, this phone offers a number of flagship-level features for a mid-range price. It’s a good choice, particularly if you’re the type of person to take advantage of that powerful quad-cam!

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