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You can now get 100GB of data plus unlimited minutes and texts for £17

Never run out of data ever again

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2019 has certainly brought us some amazing SIM only deals. And by that we mean ‘proper deals’, none of this claiming to be a deal but not really anything special.  Not a week goes by without another brilliant offer being announced by one of the networks or MVNOs such as iD Mobile or Plusnet.

Well this week is no different and it’s MVNO Smarty who have got something pretty special for us.

For £17 a month, you can grab yourself Smarty’s Mega Plan which comes with 100GB of data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts. As an added bonus, it’s a 30 day contract too which means you can use it to tide you over until your next phone contract or just continue using it with your current phone.

100GB of data is ideal for heavy data users but we have to admit, when there are offers out there for around £20 a month with much less data, this is a bit of a bargain even if you’re only using 20GB a month.

As Smarty runs on Three’s network, if Three has good coverage in your area, then you’ll be alright with Smarty.

The offer runs until December 16th so not long until it finishes. And if 100GB of data is just too much for you to use each month, then check out Three’s 8GB for £8 SIM which has just been relaunched.

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