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Vodafone launch unlimited data 5G plans

The first UK network to launch unlimited 5G data plans, and they start from only £23 a month.

Vodafone announced the launch of their 5G network a month or so ago, and started taking pre-orders for it online, but they had two more surprises up their sleeve this month with the unveiling of the UK’s first unlimited data 5G plans, plus confirming that they won’t be charging an additional premium for 5G data compared to 4G.

There are three new 5G unlimited plans to choose from, with the cheapest one being just £23 a month.

Why so cheap? Well it all comes down to speed. Whilst you will be able to use Vodafone’s 5G network as much as you want (coverage permitting), your speeds will be limited if you opt for the lower priced plans, with the highest speed available being reserved for the top tier plan.

The £23 plan, known as ‘Unlimited Lite’ will get you a 2 MBps maximum download speed. The next one up from that ‘Unlimited’, costs £26 a month and will get you x5 the speed, with a 10 Mbps maximum download speed.

But, if you go for the top tier plan, you’ll get the fastest possible 5G speed available with ‘Unlimited Max’ at £30 a month, and that’s really the plan that takes full advantage of the 5G network. Especially given just how fast 5G is going to get as it continues to roll out across the UK [See our 5G Hub for more info].

Vodafone new unlimited 5G plans
Three different unlimited 5G plans are available

All three plans are available from today (July 10th 2019) and will work on both 4G and 5G networks. This means that if you’ve got a 4G phone at the moment, or 5G isn’t yet available in your area, you can still benefit from the unlimited data element of these new plans. Unlimited minutes and texts are also included.

As an added bonus, when you choose one of the new plans, you can also choose to add a discounted entertainment pack to your account too. You can choose from unlimited Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile or Now TV for £6 a month.

  • You can view Vodafone’s new unlimited 5G plans here.

As for 5G phones, there are two currently available from Vodafone, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

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