Vodafone and Virgin Media O2 will provide 4G and 5G coverage on London Underground

Customers of Vodafone, Virgin Media O2, EE and Three will all be able to use 4G and 5G mobile coverage on the Tube by 2024

Vodafone and Virgin Media O2 have agreed to join BAI Communication’s 4G and 5G ready mobile network to provide mobile signal across the London Underground for the millions of passengers that use the service every day.

With EE and Three already on board, this means all four UK major network operators will provide coverage across the London Underground.

BAI Communications are the infrastructure provider, following a 20 year deal they struck with Transport for London (TfL) last year.

They plan to deliver a full 4G service across the entirety of the London Underground by 2024 with work already started.  The Jubilee Line at the eastern end was covered earlier this year and as that trial was a success, the rollout will now continue.

The next five stations to get coverage are Bank, Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Euston, and Camden Town – all of which will go live within the next six months.

BAI will also host the new Emergency Services Network (ESN) to support emergency services that operate on the Underground.

“The UK needs world class digital infrastructure, and bringing 4G and 5G to the London Underground is a big part of that,” said Vodafone UK CEO Ahmed Essam.

Virgin Media O2 CEO Lutz Schuler said: “We’ve already invested hundreds of millions of pounds in the capital to expand and upgraded our fixed and mobile networks which has accelerated London’s transformation into a cutting-edge digital hub, fuelling growth and connecting communities to gigabit services.”

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