Three, EE and Vodafone Prices To Increase By Up To 4.5%

Annual network price increases are set to kick in from March 2021

Mobile networks Three and Vodafone have announced price increased of up to 4.5 per cent for customers.

This follows the recent news that BT and EE are planning to increase broadband, home phone, TV and mobile prices from March 31 2021.

These price increases will be included in customer pay monthly contracts over the next few months including phone, SIM Only and tablet plans. Pay as you go customers are unaffected by the change.

Annual price increases are nothing new but this annual increase of 4.5% still comes as a surprise to many customers each year, prompting a surge of deal hunting to help keep bills low.

Uswitch mobiles expert Ernest Doku said: “Mobile phone providers always put up their bills in the spring, but this year the price rises are more dramatic than usual.

“Three and Vodafone customers join those at EE and could see their prices rise by as much as 4.5 per cent, although some consumers whose mobile contracts started before October 2020 should see smaller increases.

“Unfortunately, these price rises are written into your contract, so you don’t have the option to leave your deal without paying a penalty.

“If you’re not happy with the situation, ride it out and make a note to switch providers when your deal is up.

“If you are out of contract, you can switch providers hassle-free by using the Text to Switch service. To do so, text PAC to 65075 and then give the number you get back to your new provider, who will manage the switch for you.”

Uswitch has also provided a table of price rises from the networks that can be found below.

Table: Mobile bill price rises by provider


Price rise

Takes effect


Up to 4.5%

April bill


Up to 4.5%

31 March


Up to 4.5%

31 March


Up to 4.5%

April bill

Source: Uswitch.com

If you’re out of contract, now is the time to start looking around for a better deal if you’re unhappy with how much you’re paying.  If you’re after a new phone, you can sign a new contract with a phone, alternatively purchase a new or refurbished phone outright SIM Free (e.g. at Amazon) and then sign up for a SIM Only plan with your chosen provider.  If you’re happy with your current phone and then it can be worth keeping it and switching to a new SIM Only plan – they’re available on 30 day rolling contracts or longer, so you can choose the right one for you.

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