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Six Nations Update Round 3

A week is a long time in rugby

Well they say that a week is long time in politics, I guess you could apply this statement to rugby as well, although we are a few weeks later there has only been one round of fixtures as the Six Nations had a weekend off between rounds 1 and 2. As we head into another weekend with no rugby it may be worth reminding ourselves of the reporting in The Times after England defeated Ireland and crushed France.

‘It was only two weeks ago that we were busy predicting the most competitive Six Nations Championship of all time. Two rounds in, we have had something rather different: one of the most one-sided Six Nations Championship openings of all time.’

Owen Slot The Times 12/02/2019

One round later played on the 23rd February and the standings are available here



What happened to ‘ one of the most one-sided Six Nations Championships of all time’ ? England were beaten by Wales 21-13 in what was at sometimes a frantic match with the playing moving backwards and forwards between the 22’s and not much more, indeed England went in winning 10-3 at half time, but that was all to change. Wales came out for the second half with more purpose and scored 18 points in second half to England’s 3.  There were a few other games on this weekend but if like me you live in the South of England you will be hard pushed to find evidence that there were any (dig at English press over!). Scotland were beaten by France and Ireland beat Italy but not as convincingly as everyone would have expected. With only two more rounds to go there is only one team still able to win the Grandslam, that is Wales but they have to beat Scotland away and Ireland at home. Given the form of both Scotland and Ireland this is still a possibility.  England have two home games left, Italy and Scotland, it is likely that England will finish strongly but will have to win with bonus points to be in with any chance of winning.


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