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How is the Samsung Galaxy S8 different from the S7?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has arrived and is getting great reviews for it’s curved display and powerful features, but how does it compare to the S7? Here are some of the key changes.

The S8 design doesn’t look vastly different from the S7 – it is longer, but not as wide as the previous phone. However, the S8 doesn’t have a home button on the front and the fingerprint scanner is moved to the back of the phone.

The screen is the big change moving from 5.1 inch for the S7 to 5.8 inch for the S8. The overall size of the phone doesn’t feel much bigger than the S7, as there are virtually no bezels for an all-screen look and feel.

When it comes to power there are not massive changes as Samsung keeps to 4GB RAM with the S8, although the chip is expected to be the next generation Exynos 8895, which could deliver extra speed and battery time.

The back camera remains at 12 megapixels for the S8, but it does get an improved front camera with 8 megapixels compared to only 5 for the S7.

For power, both phones have a 3,000mAh battery, so there is no upgrade here. However, with the improved chipset, there should be improved battery efficiency for the S8.

There are some good hardware improvements from the S7 to the S8, but it is the all-screen ‘infinity’ display that really grabs the attention. When you add in features like the ability to use the S8 as a desktop with Samsung DeX, improved photo software, controlling Smart Home devices and wireless charging, it is clear that Samsung have really moved forward with their new flagship phone.

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