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Samsung video shows us what the Galaxy S10 will look like

Our first look at the user interface that will be powering the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The much-expected Samsung Galaxy S10 is still not officially confirmed  (let’s face it, it’s pretty much guranteed there will be one this year), but that hasn’t stopped the internet piecing together the nuggets of information that have been gradually appearing.

We now know that the new user interface will be known as One UI.  In a recently released video, Samsung show off the system that you’ll be experiencing on the their latest phones this year, including the S10.  The new UI will also be made available to Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, Note 9 and Note 8 users this year, possibly around February 2019.

The video is a sneak preview so it doesn’t go into lots of detail (that’ll likely be saved for the Samsung S10 keynote when it gets announced) but their are a few interesting upgrades and new features that can be spotted.

Physical design echoed in software

What does this mean?  Well, the glowing red light around the edge of the device looks like we may see a notification light on the phone, perhaps around the entire phone? This could be used for notfications from compatible apps such as Messages.

Focus on the task at hand

From the brief shots of the menu in the video, it looks like One UI will give the menu a new minimilist design facelift with large, rounded menu icons for your apps.

See only what you need

The shot of the phone keypad screen shows a minimal design using icons instead of text.  Either some of these text menu options are being removed altogether, or disappear when not in use so you can focus on the task at hand.

Interact naturally

A new and improved search function?  That’s what appears to be in the video.  Something simialr to Apple’s Spotlight search feature would be welcomed to help us find the apps and important files on our phone.

Be visibly comfortable

A new night-mode option darkens the screen when you’re using your smartphone in low light. The options for this show that it can be scheduled to enable at specific times – handy for evenings when you want to reduce the bright white light of the screen.

Samsung’s One UI has already been released as a beta for developers so we know they’ll have been working away on it for the last few months.  We’ll likely get a full tour of the new interface at the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch event and we’ll have all the latest Samsung S10 and One UI news here at Direct Mobiles.

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