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Nike release self lace trainer controlled by mobile app

Nike Adapt BB

Nike have just revealed the beautiful Adapt BB trainer,  which uses powered lacing technology to enhance the fit and comfort. This technology has been previously used by Nike in the HyperAdapt 1.0 which was released in 2016.

The Adapt BB technology differs from the HyperAdapts technology by the inclusion of an application which allows the user to control the Adapt BB from their mobile phone. The mobile app allows the owner  to control the fit of the shoe as well as the colours of the illuminated control buttons that are located on the shoe. The app is to be named “FitAdapt” which Nike states will be updated, providing improvements for the user,  such as different settings which can be used for different moments.

nike adapt bb



The charging technology has also changed, the HyperAdapt charges via a “puck” which attaches magnetically to the outsole of the shoe and runs a USB cable from it. Whereas the Adapt BB uses a wireless charging pad that will be included with the shoe. The charging pad will allow the shoe to reach its full charge that will last from 10-14 days. The Adapt BB seems to be following the same charging ideas as mobile phones. Get the best mobile phone deals here from Direct Mobiles.

The Adapt BB itself consists of a Flyknit upper that includes a QuadFit inner shell which merges to the shape of the foot.

Nike’s Adapt BB is the first shoe made for a sport that powered lacing technology is encountering due to the belief that the athletes put their footwear through a lot of different scenarios. During a game the athletes’ foot will change so the Adapt BB will “adapt” to the user’s feet to maintain comfort and fit.

The Nike Adapt BB will be released on February 17 at a price point of £272 ($350). This price is drastically different to the HyperAdapt which released at £560 ($720) which is a relief to resellers and basketball enthusiasts who will want to acquire these “Back to the Future” inspired shoes.

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