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Mobile Network PAC code changes | It will soon be easier to switch networks

Countdown to mobile PAC code changes

The countdown is on to the biggest change in moving mobile networks ever. From July 1 2019 you will be able to save time and more money on your phone when you decide to move your number from one network to another due to changes happening to the PAC code process.

Changing mobile networks is about to get a whole lot easier

You may well know that changing mobile networks and getting a PAC code is a real pain in the proverbial.  If you have ever changed your mobile phone network and kept your number you will already know about this process and how it works today, if not have a look at our guide to moving networks.

The good news is that this process is all set to change on the 1st July 2019 and all mobile networks will have to change to the process outlined below.

Why is this good news?  It is good news, because when you change your mobile phone network you will be able to change your network and keep your mobile number and all within one working day. You will have the PAC code immediately and 24 hours later you will be using your old number on your new network.

No longer will you have to pay for two line rentals while you change your  mobile network.  Also you will not have to spend time listening to an automated message scrolling through options, just to try and get to talk to an agent who will spend the next hour trying to stop you getting your PAC code.


Why are PAC codes changing?

Until this universal change all mobile (MNO) and virtual mobile networks (MVNO) have slightly different processes. Some will text you it, some will send you a PAC by letter, but in general it is a pretty slow process.

The new process engineered by OFCOM is immediate, text or request online the correct number and you get a code – it’s designed to save customers time and money. More importantly as soon as you pass the PAC code to your new network, your old account will be terminated (as long as you are out of contract). This process will save a least one months line rental and a lot of time.

Making the PAC code process simple

In future, you can simply request a unique switching code, either by text or online, to pass on to your new provider – who must then arrange for the switch to complete within one working day.

You will text one of two memorable short codes, depending on whether or not you wish to keep your existing mobile telephone number. All mobile providers will have to use the same short codes.

Your existing provider must immediately respond by text – with either a ‘porting authorisation code’ (PAC) if you wish to keep their phone number, or a cancellation code if you want a new number. For businesses, they will get this code within two working days.

Because this will be quick and easy, customers could request their code while looking for a new deal – for example, while on the phone to a new provider, or in store.

The provider’s reply must also include important information about any early termination charges, outstanding handset costs, or pay-as-you-go credit balances.

The unique switching code will be valid for 30 days. You will be able to pass the code on to your new provider when you place an order for the new service, without the need for any further conversation.

Providers will also have to publish and promote clear guidance to help customers follow the new process and make informed switching decisions.

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