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Mobile App Lets You Find Free Water Refill Stations In Your Area

Keep your bottle filled and reduce plastic waste at the same time

The UK summer is well and truly here and with temperatures soaring, it’s more important that ever to stay hydrated. We know we sound like a responsible parent, but we all know how uncomfortable it can get in this heat on the daily commute or even just out in town with friends.

With that in mind, Refill is a new app for your phone that will find you the nearest water refill station in your area. Download the app, enter your location and the interactive map will highlight shops, cafes, train stations and 20,000 other locations that will let you refill your water bottle free of charge. Many branches of Costa, Pret and Weatherspoons are involved in the scheme.

The app is available to download now for iPhone on the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android phones.

In addition to helping you keep cool, you’re also doing your bit for the environment as carrying a reusable water bottle means every time you refill rather than buy a new one, it’s one less plastic bottle used. The organisation behind the Refill project also receive 13p every time you refill which then funds planet protecting campaigns and charities.

Refill app

Refill want to keep people hydrated and get people using less plastic. According to them, if one in ten Brits refilled once a week there would be 340 million less plastic bottles a year in circulation. Given that plastic bottles make up one-third of all plastic pollution in the sea, anything that can help reduce this amount should be applauded.

Refill began in Bristol in 2015, founded by environmental campaigner, Natalie Fee and is now available across the UK. 120,000 people have already downloaded the app with 18,000 folk using it every month.

You can learn more about the Refill project here.

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