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Windows 10, Coming to a Microsoft Lumia Near You this Year

windowsphoneui-0Microsoft have recently unveiled their brand new operating system – Windows 10 (they have skipped a version 9 – clearly 9 isn’t as sexy a number as 10). The aim of Windows 10 is to provide a more consistent operating system which will work almost identically across all available Windows platforms such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. The release date for Windows 10 will be sometime this year but here’s what Windows 10 will offer once it’s available.

Microsoft have gone all out to completely upgrade and improve the current Windows 8.1 operating system to design a new and much better Windows 10. If you use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 at the moment, then Windows 10 will be a simple download which can be installed after its release.

There’s good news for Windows smartphone and tablet users as Windows 10 will feature versions of the popular Windows suite of apps including Outlook, Office, Excel and PowerPoint, which have been designed with a smaller screen in mind. All of the Microsoft apps will be compatible and formatted for optimum touchscreens of all sizes and will be synchronised and available to open and work on across all platforms.

There will be several exciting new features for Windows 10 such as a fully integrated Skype – which as well as being useful for video calling is a great way of sending instant messages and attachments. As well as Internet Explorer, Windows 10 will come with a second browser which is currently known as Spartan with some additional functionality which includes recommendations from Cortana according to your previous searches and requests.  It can also be used for reading offline.

If you’re interested in exploring augmented reality then Windows 10 will come with a new hologram system known as Windows Holographic along with an accompanying headset accessory which can be purchased separately called Microsoft Hololens. This will enable users to access the new holographic computing programmes and the popular 3D printing.

Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant has had a make-over too, and will have several new uses on Windows 10 such as accessing and retrieving photos and documents.

We don’t know as yet how long we will have to wait for Windows 10 but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with the latest news over the coming months .

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