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How to get Vodafone’s 100GB SIM for £13 a month

There are some seriously great SIM only deals around this month if you’re looking to change your phone plan with one of the best by far this month being Vodafone’s 100GB SIM only deal which runs until March 21.  This includes unlimited minutes and texts plus the 100GB of data. Paying £20 a month for all this is an amazing deal in itself but there is a way to get it even cheaper if you buy it via Mobiles.co.uk.

Mobiles.co.uk have the same deal as Vodafone Direct available but they’ve added £84 cashback, taking the effective cost down to just £13 a month. To get the £7 a month cashback, taking your bill from £20 to £13, you’ll need to claim it from Mobiles.co.uk but the process is pretty straightforward and outlined below.

To get this deal from Mobiles.co.uk just click here.  It ends on March 21st.

If you’ve recently bought a new phone SIM Free, or you’re at the end of your current mobile contract, then you can save some cash with a SIM Only deal. Especially if you’re at the end of your contract and plan on keeping the phone you have.

How to claim the cashback

Once you’ve got your Vodafone SIM and are connected, you’ll need to send your claim to Mobiles.co.uk in line with the Cashback Claim Process below and they will credit you by cheque with £16.80 each time.

This will save you £84.00 over the 1 year of the contract.  In effect this means that your average line rental per month over the contract period is £13 per month.

Cashback Claim Process for Mobiles.co.uk:

You will need to send in your mobile phone bill at months 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12

These are the bills you will need to send to Mobiles.co.uk to claim your cashback.

  • Bill dated June 2019 – Claim Amount £16.80
  • Bill dated August 2019 – Claim Amount £16.80
  • Bill dated October 2019 – Claim Amount £16.80
  • Bill dated December 2019 – Claim Amount £16.80
  • Bill dated February 2020 – Claim Amount £16.80

The required bill needs to be sent to Cashback Claims, PO Box 376, Southampton, SO30 2PX and must be received within 60 days from the date on the bill. The bill must show your name, address, mobile number and tariff you are connected to.

Mobiles.co.uk recommend you send this by recorded delivery as they cannot be held responsible for lost items or claims that arrive outside the qualifying period. They also advise you to keep your proof of postage.  Alternatively, you can submit an online version of your bill via your Mobiles.co.uk My Account area.

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