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This Week’s Tech News – Ataribox, Google and Samsung


Retro games machines have been popularised by Nintendo and now Atari are planning to release the Ataribox, which will features classic Atari games and perhaps even some new titles. The look of the console recalls the Atari 2600. No games have been announced yet, so which would you like to see – perhaps Space Invaders, Missile Command, Frogger or Defender?

google glass

You might have thought you had seen the last of Google Glass after the product was cancelled two years ago, but Google is bringing it back with a new Enterprise Edition which will be aimed at businesses. The product has been improved for power, camera and battery life and will be sold by other companies who will include specialised software aimed at particular industries.

Google has also launched a feature called ‘feed’ for its Android and iOS app. This will use your search history and topics you follow to deliver a personalised news update. Google will be hoping to lure people away from other sources of news such as Facebook or Twitter.

Samsung is planning to recycle key parts from the Note 7, which had to be recalled because of safety issues. Valuable metals such as cobalt, copper, silver and gold will also be recovered and Samsung estimates that up to 157 tonnes could be reclaimed.

And finally, a robot security guard chose to end its shift early and throw itself into a pond at an office development in Washington. It seems like we might be safe from robots taking over the world just yet. See the pictures here https://arstechnica.co.uk/gadgets/2017/07/knightscope-k5-security-bot-drowned/

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