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Order a Google Pixel 4 And You Get a Free HP Chromebook

Google’s latest phone offer includes a free Chromebook, if you order by October 28th 2019.

Following last week’s announcement of the Google Pixel 4 smartphone, it’s now available to buy online in the UK and you order it by October 28th, you’ll get a free HP 14 Chromebook. The great news is that most of the mobile networks are offering this deal, along with a number of independent retailers, so it’s just a case of choosing your favourite deal and choosing which colour you want for your Pixel 4 – Just Black, Clearly White or Oh So Orange.

The best deal at the moment? That’ll be on EE, for £39 a month and £50 upfront from the guys at e2Save. It includes 10GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts and you can grab it here. Alternatively, pay £150 upfront and get it on O2 from Mobiles.co.uk for £35 a month with 45GB of data.

The Chromebook 14 itself is made by HP and features a 2.2 GHz AMD dual-core CPU, 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC storage and a battery life of up to 10.5 hours. That’s a fairly competent notebook for basic use or office tasks, but it’s not a premium powerhouse of a gaming PC of course.

Google Pixel 4 and free Chromebook

Once you’ve ordered your Google Pixel 4, you’ll be able to claim your free Chromebook by heading to https://pixel-offers.co.uk/gb/en/pages/chromebook/home between 14 and 45 days of purchase. There’s a maximum of two claims per household if you want to kit someone else in the family out with one too.

We’ve been really impressed with the Pixel 4, especially with it’s upgraded dual camera with telephone lens, plus a 5.7″ Full HD+ OLED display and fast charging. The Pixel 4 also introducing Quick Gestures which allow you to control certain features of your phone without touching it using hand movements.

The free Chromebook offer is available now until October 28th so you need to be quick if you want to get yours.

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