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EE Launches New iPhone Full Works SIM Only Plan giving access to Apple Music, Apple TV+ and more

EE have launched their biggest SIM-only deal yet, with an Apple tie in that offers customers access to Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade.

EE has bundled a load of Apple’s iPhone services into one handy SIM Only plan to draw in customers, who will be enticed by the range of content they’ll get access to for the duration of the deal. EE are no doubt counting on this to promote to iPhone customers who choose to buy their iPhone SIM Free, and they may be right, too, since tying the deal into a huge range of offerings from the Californian tech and entertainment giant has made for quite an appetising deal – if you make the most of all the included content.

What’s in the deal?

As noted above, the key thing to note about the Full Works deal is that it’s SIM Only, so no shiny new handset. That actually may prove to be a good thing, as with some huge new handset announcements on the horizon (watch this space on October 13th 2020) this may be an opportunity to win over high-use customers onto EE  before any major new handset launches.

Unlimited Data, Calls & Texts

For £41 per month, you get unlimited and uncapped data usage, crucially including 5G if your phone has the capability. Unlimited calls and texts are also included. And if you’re the sort of entertainment-hungry customer EE is targeting, you’re going to need as much data as you you can get, because the headline Apple part of the plan gets you the following:

Apple Music

Through this deal, you’ll have access to a catalogue of 70 million songs, and 24 months in which to listen to them all (good luck with that…). Like with Spotify Premium, Apple Music offers the ability to stream music that takes your fancy or to download it and listen offline, which is handy. EE Full Works customers will get ad-free access, naturally.  Considering this is normally £9.99 a month, there’s your first saving.

Apple TV+

For a while now Apple have been acting on their ambition to go toe to toe with Netflix as a creator of great original content. With that in mind, you’ll get access to Apple Original shows, with new content released every month.  Apple TV+ normally costs £4.99 a month.

Apple Arcade

Access to more than 100 games with no need to make annoying in-app purchases or pay-to-win add-ons.  Apple Arcade is normally £4.99 a month.

So with £19.88 worth of Apple content included, that means you’re effectively paying £21.12 a month for unlimited data, calls and texts – that’s pretty good value, especially considering it’s on EE.  If you’re a heavy data user and will make the most of Apple Music, TV+ and Arcade, then it’s a great value bundle.

In addition to the above, there’s the opportunity to tack on BT Sport Ultimate for an extra fee, just in case all that content wasn’t enough.  It’s a 24 month contract, but if you’re grabbing a new phone at the same then we expect you’ll be keeping that phone for at least a couple of years (or trading in to upgrade each year).

“Following the success of our Full Works for iPhone handset plans, we’re now extending the benefits so anyone with an iPhone can also get the best of EE and Apple in a SIM plan,” said EE Director of Propositions, Sharon Meadows. “Only with EE, do you get the reassurance of unrivalled unlimited, uncapped data, on the UK’s no 1 network, as well as the best of Apple entertainment ensuring those with an iPhone get a best in class experience.”

Finally, Full Works customers get a couple of extras such as discounts on cases and an annual handset service.

It’s an interesting proposition, and significant that EE are sticking with unlimited data deals – it wasn’t long ago when you’d struggle to get more than 20GB on the network.  You can order the EE Full Works iPhone SIM direct from EE now.

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