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EE Fills the 4G Not-Spots Around the UK

It’s 4G for everyone (nearly).

EE are committed to filling UK not-spots

Under the spotlight of their ambitious 2020 goals to cover 95% of the UK with superfast 4G, EE have recently made long, rapid strides in the right direction.

105 new sites have been built across Scotland, north Wales and northern England over the past six months, in what are being labelled as mobile not-spots: spaces that have previously received zero coverage from any operator. That’s right folks: not one Snapchat dog-filter photo could be posted here.

As the UK’s largest mobile operator, EE is earning and owning the prestigious title.

“105 sites” with new 4G connections may initially sound quite vague, but the scale is simply huge: 12,000 square kilometres, or 1.5 million football pitches (just in metaphorical size – there hasn’t just been a gigantic influx in football culture).

EE have also upgraded 4,000 existing sites to provide 4G.

Many 4G sites have already had the switch flicked on in remote Scottish locations, including the Isle of Skye, Cairngorm Mountain, and Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. The result? Geographic 4G coverage in Scotland has passed the 75% mark in late-2017, with EE reaching further than any other operator.

The UK government is also hoping that the work being done can go some way towards meeting their ambition of improving rural network connectivity.

This isn’t simply a handy thing to have for constant tweeters in the more barren lands of our lovely little country. More than 200 emergency 999 calls, from people who may have otherwise been left without help, have already been made using the new connection.

Marc Allera, CEO at EE, said:

“Mobile coverage is critical to consumers and businesses and can provide a lifeline for those in need of support from the emergency services – that’s why we keep focusing on filling in more mobile not-spots across Britain.”

EE was recently named the number one overall network in Scotland, Wales and England, also hitting the top spot for speed and data in RootMetrics’ latest independent RootScore reports. EE also provides the most extensive geographic 4G coverage in both Wales and Scotland, as seen in Ofcom’s latest Connected Nations report.

Further down the pipeline, we can see 350 new sites as EE continue to take the lead on filling in the gaps to ensure we can all stay in touch.

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