CES 2019: Sony announce bluetooth record player

A record deck  that plays vinyl and connects to bluetooth has been announced this week at CES 2019. Who said vinyl was dead?

With vinyl sales forecasted to be over 10 million units in 2018 in the US ( final sales not in yet), this is a market that has grown steadily year on year. In the UK alone over 4 million vinyl records were sold in 2017. Its also interesting to note that vinyl sales are now at the highest level since 1991. I know that some of you may not ever have seen a record except maybe in a charity shop, but I assure you that there are people who have.

Analog vs Digital ?

Why would anyone we announcing a new product at CES 2019 that plays a format that has been around in one form another  since about 1912?  Well for one, I can completely see the need for a record player that can integrate with a modern music system.  If you use Sonos or bluetooth speakers and you don’t have an analog phono input to your system how are you going to play the vinyl you got for Christmas?  Some people would say that is kind of the point, why play an analog sound source and digitise it?  You should be old school: record deck, amplifier, speakers and high quality cables, simple. Most of us just do not have this old technology and probably more importantly just don’t have the room.sony bluetooth record deck

Sony is looking to bridge this gap by announcing a turntable called the PS-LX310BT what a memorable name?  This unit connects via bluetooth or old school analog inputs to your system  or to your standalone bluetooth speakers. There you go, problem solved. Something to play your new shiny vinyl with.  Now you can  listen to the warm analog tones of vinyl through your highly compressed bluetooth set up!

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