Brits post 468 selfie photos every year, and men take more than women

85% of Brits admit they are posting more selfies than ever before

The selfie has been popular for more than a decade now, with selfie-mania reaching world acclaim in 2013, when the Oxford English Dictionary named ‘selfie’ as it’s word of the year. But in a world where vanity metrics on social media are being challenged with apps like Instagram even trialling hiding ‘Likes’ from view, are selfies still a thing? Turns out the selfie is very much alive and well according to new research from smartphone brand Honor.

  • Selfie Explosion: 85% of Brits admit they are posting more selfies than ever before
  • Selfie Kings: Men in the UK take more selfies than women in an average week
  • #NoFilter: 60% of young people are taking more photos showing their true selves in 2019
  • New Selfie Genres: Post workout selfies, pet selfies and ‘in bed with my partner’ selfies emerging as new selfie genres in 2019
  • Nature over Nightclubs: Brits are 3 times more likely to snap a photo in nature than out raving
  • Influencing others through imagery: 60% of Brits post images on social media about causes that are important to them

Self-Expression through selfies

According to the study, nearly half of all the photos Brits take with their phone are shared with friends and family on social media. But even though it takes us just 10 seconds to decide if we’re happy with a photo or not, we spend a further 25 minutes deciding whether to share it on social media, suggestion that as a nation, we’re making conscious decisions about what we share about ourselves online. Contrary to popular belief, it’s men that take more selfies than women per week, men snap an average of 10 a week compared to 8 for women.

Authentic, unfiltered content is on the increase

The UK posts more authentic content in 2019 that it did previously. Make-up free selfies are on the increase, especially with 16-29 year olds who are taking more natural selfies than ever before. This increase is also in line with the increase in use of the #NoFilter hashtag which 57% of those questioned have used.

The good, the bad and the ugly

With our mobile phones always by our side, people are more willing nowadays to document life in the moment rather than try and portray perfection. We’re sharing more natural photos in 2019 highlighting life’s highs and lows, rather than just promoting our ‘highlights reel’. We’re also welcoming friends into our selfies, with 26% of Brits regularly taking selfies (or groupfie?) with their best friends.

Nature versus nightclubs

Shots of the natural world have been on the increase in 2019, possibly driven by the increase in awareness of protecting the environment. Us Brits like to get out and about, with selfies taken within natural scenery, beaches and the ocean all amongst the most popular snaps this year. In fact, Brits are three times more likely to post a photo of themselves in the great outdoors than in a nightclub. Does this mean we’re getting healthier as a nation?

Using selfies for social change

The research has also revealed that today’s Brits use imagery to express ideas and shape opinions on social causes such as a climate change. Three in five (61%) admit they post photos on social media to spread the word about issues that are important to them. And 51% of Brits admit that seeing photos on social media has changed their mind or opinion about an important social issue. We as a nation believe images on social media actually provide a more accurate representation of social issues these days versus other forms of media such as TV and newspapers.

2020 and the future

Image sharing is here to stay, with the younger generation of 16-29 year olds taking 27% more photos on their phones that those over 30, suggesting that the future will see a further increase in image sharing to inspire and engage audiences on social media.

“With smartphones always in our pockets, it has become easier than ever to snap and share content from the world around us and it’s interesting to see the growing trend towards sharing more natural, authentic content. Whereas selfies used to be reserved for nights out and special occasions today, we’re more open to capturing and posting images that show who we really are and what we stand for,” said Bond Zhang, Country Manager of Honor UK.

The top 10 photos we’re capturing in 2019

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Pets
  4. Natural scenery
  5. Selfies of myself with family
  6. Selfies of myself with friends
  7. The weather
  8. Beach
  9. Famous landmarks
  10. Selfies of myself with pets
  11. Unfiltered selfies
  12. Ocean
  13. Photos of my dinner
  14. Selfies of myself at night-time
  15. Selfies showing the real me
  16. Sporting events
  17. Selfies of myself at a popular bar / restaurant / cafe
  18. Gigs
  19. Festivals
  20. Selfies without wearing make-up

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