The Best UK iPhone SE Deals for July

Apple's more affordable but still amazingly powerful iPhone

For the last few year’s Apple’s iPhone models have got increasingly expensive. Not entirely without merit, as they have introduced some impressive technological improvements, but many of us have been longing for the days when a new iPhone didn’t cost upwards of £1000. We just want a decent spec iPhone that works. If that’s you, then the iPhone SE is probably the one for you.

Yes, it’s a lower price than the iPhone 11 or XR, but that doesn’t mean Apple have held back on features. The new iPhone SE features the same A13 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, so it’s got plenty of grunt under the hood. 

The camera has been upgraded to a 12MP wide-angle lens that features Portrait mode, it’s water and dust resistant, supports 4K video and is smaller to hold in the hand thanks to it’s 4.7″ Retina HD display.

If you’ve been hanging to upgrade your old iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, 7 or 8 then this could be the time to do it. We’ve scoured the web to find and compare all the iPhone SE deals to bring you our recommended best buys.

iPhone SE | £0 upfront | 100GB data | Unlimited minutes & texts | £26 a month

Want a massive data allowance with your iPhone?  This is the deal.  100GB of data plus unlimited minutes and texts, all for £26 a month. And because it’s from Chitter Chatter, you get a free case too.
Click here get this iPhone SE deal at Chitter Chatter

iPhone SE | FREE upfront | 5GB data | Unlimited minutes & texts | £23 a month

Buy an iPhone on EE and you get some nice extra perks such as 1 year of Apple TV+, 6 months Apple Music and 6 months BritBox. This deal includes a decent 5GB data allowance too.
Click here get this iPhone SE deal at Affordable Mobiles

iPhone SE | FREE upfront | 10GB data | Unlimited minutes & texts | £26 a month

We love this O2 deal, you pay £39.99 upfront but then you get a massive 45GB of data for just £23 a month. Nice.
Grab this iPhone SE deal at Mobile Phones Direct

iPhone SE | FREE upfront | 30GB data | Unlimited minutes & texts | £26 a month

Vodafone have the iPhone SE at £26 a month via Mobile Phones Direct. For that you get 30GB of data which is up from 6GB last month.
Click to get this iPhone SE deal at Mobile Phones Direct.

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Introducing the iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is the 2020 upgraded version of the previous iPhone SE model that launched back in 2017. However, this time Apple have upped the features, making it far more than just a stripped down version of the iPhone 11. The design of the outer case is similar to that of an iPhone 8 and is available in grey, silver or red.

A 4.7″ HD Retina display makes the phone a bit smaller than the iPhone 11 or XR, which many people will welcome.  It’s the price point that is the real winner though, with many iPhone models now costing upwards of £40 a month with no upfront cost, this new model sits at around £26-£36 a month, making it a far more affordable option.

You’re getting the same A13 Bionic processor chip that is in the iPhone 11 so it’s capable of running pretty much anything you want to throw at it and the added addition of Touch ID, water and dust resistance and new improved cameras, make this a worthwhile upgrade that is far more pocket and wallet friendly that some of the premium flagships out there.

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