This Week’s Tech News – The Rock, Nokia, MS Paint


The Rock teamed up with Apple to release a mini-movie or if you prefer advertisement to show how much he gets done by using the iPhone’s digital assistant, Siri. The film sees The Rock check his schedule, read emails, gets a car ride and more with Apple’s voice assistant. He relies heavily on the ‘Hey Siri’ voice command to enable the service and it is clear Apple is keen to get people using Siri more and understanding what it can do, especially with increased competition from Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s digital assistant.

Lenovo showed off a fascinating concept device at Lenovo Tech World in San Francisco. As you can see in the video, its a 7.8 inch tablet called the Folio that can fold and become a large-screen mobile, ready to fit in your pocket. The apps automatically re-configure to the smaller screen size and in the demo one half of the screen is used as a camera viewer. There are no plans to launch the tablet / phone yet, but it looks like an exciting development for the future.

More rumours are out on the next Nokia flagship phone, the Nokia 8. It looks like the phone will launch in August and will be the first Nokia Android phone to come with Carl Zeiss optics for the camera. After the excitement around the new version of the retro 3310, it will be interesting to see how Nokia fares with a modern smartphone.

There was an outpouring of nostalgia for Microsoft Paint as the company announced that it would no longer be included in Windows. The very basic drawing programme has been a popular part of Windows since the 1980s and many had childhood memories of using it on their computers or at school. The programme has been saved and will be available for free in the Windows Store. Here are some examples of genius Paint ‘artworks’ https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/jul/25/as-it-dies-i-die-also-your-microsoft-paint-creations

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