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This Week’s Tech News – New iPhone and Galaxy Note 8

Everyone loves to speculate about what the latest phones are going to look like and what features they will have. This week we are going to look at two of the most hotly anticipated phones, the next iPhone and the Samsung Note 8 and round up all the rumours. Just remember that these phones are not released yet, so we can only guess at the features and the final versions might be a little different.

The next iPhone is a special model, as it it 10 years since the first iPhone invented the smartphone market. There is even speculation about what it might be called from iPhone 8 to iPhone X or iPhone Edition. The video above is a model of what it might look like based on some of the rumours, but isn’t an actual prototype from Apple.

The rumour is that the next iPhone will be bigger with a 5.8 inch, slightly-curved screen. It may not feel much bigger than the current iPhone however, because it will have an edge to edge screen. The physical home button might also disappear and be replaced by an on-screen button.

Unlocking the phone may be possible via a 3D face scanner. There are bound to be improvements to the iPhone camera, but with Apple investing in Augmented Reality then this is a feature we are sure to see on the next iPhone. Augmented reality will offer smart features using the camera and allow information to be overlaid over the real world – you could play games that appear to be happening in your front room.

Finally, wireless charging is another rumoured feature for the iPhone 8. Whatever happens, it is going to be an exciting one to watch.

samsung galaxy note 8

After the battery problems which derailed the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Note fans will be very keen to see what is coming with the Note 8. It is said to be launching very soon, perhaps with an announcement by the end of August. The screen is said to be getting larger from 5.7 inches to 6.3 and to have a 4K resolution. Even if the screen isn’t 4K, it is likely to have a sharper resolution than the last model. The Note 8 looks like it will take some inspiration from the Galaxy S8 and have an all-screen, glass ‘infinity’ design. There is said to be no physical home button and menus will be brought up with a pressure-sensitive screen.

Two great phones to look forward to and soon we will know the facts from the fiction.


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