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Training for a 10k, Marathon or Triathlon? These Apps Are for You

puma-trac-a4If you want to seriously improve your fitness whether you’re training for a 5 or 10K run, a marathon or a triathlon, it’s worth investing in an app to keep you on track as well as motivated. Here are 5 of our favourite Training Apps.

Couch-to-5K (Android, iOS – Free)

If you’re a complete beginner and can’t even contemplate how you’re going to run to the end of your road never mind complete a running event, then this is the app for you. Guaranteed to start you off gently and to make a decent runner out of you, the app provides you with a running schedule which involves spending between 20-30 minutes training up to 3 times a week. The app will gradually build up your strength and stamina, monitor your progress as well as offering motivation to keep your moving in the right direction. Choose from four different virtual coaches, get those trainers on and you’re ready to go.

Runkeeper (iOS, Android – Free)

A popular running app which uses the GPS on your smartphone to monitor your running, cycling and any other activities which involve travelling distance. You can choose to plan your own routes or download instructions and maps for existing running or cycling routes. Runkeeper monitors your progress as well as keeping a record of previous activity and it’s also comprehensive as it will track your pace, distance travelled, time spent exercising and of course any calories you have burned.

Strava Running and Cycling (iOS, Android – Free)

One of the best apps for improving your running and cycling training runs, it includes all the usual tracking and monitoring features as well as some added extras. It hooks up with a variety of fitness wearables as well as Android Wear and you can challenge your friends to push yourself further as well as aiming to top the leaderboard and celebrate those achievements.

Triathlon Trainer (iOS, Android – £4.49)

This fantastic app known as TriTrainer will get you up to speed and fully prepared for a full triathlon in around 4 months. The app has been created by a pro triathlete and coach and there’s also a version for Triathlete beginners called 1st Time Triathlon. Generating a 16-week personalised training plan, you can customise the workouts depending on your level of ability for each of the sports. Packed full of great advice, handy tips, strategies and nutrition information it will get you ready for your 1.5km swim, 40k bike ride and 10k run in a matter of weeks.

Pumatrac (Android, iOS – Free)

Pumatrac does all the essential running monitoring well in addition to tracking some useful and insightful personal running traits. First up it keeps tabs on all the usual stuff such as how far you’ve run, speed, calories and it also maps your route. As well as doing the basics it will also take a note of what time of day and year you ran and the weather conditions at the time. After doing this it will generate and give you a score of the quality of your run and how you measure up to other runners. The stats can be really interesting and will help you determine what day of the week and at what time your performance is at its best, it can even tell you if your running is improved when you run to certain types of music – fascinating stuff.

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