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The Lowdown on the iPhone 5

iphone5If you’re already an Apple fan and looking to upgrade to an iPhone 5 or new to iPhone’s and want to find out what the fuss is all about, we take a look at the important stuff you need to know about the iPhone 5.

Starting with the basics, the iPhone 5 was released in September 2012 and comes with a 4-inch Gorilla Glass LED-backlit Retina screen.  Measuring a shade under 124mms in length and super-slim at only 7.6mm thick, it’s extremely lightweight at 112 grams and perfectly sized to fit into your pocket.  Backed in aluminium and with beautiful curves thanks to precision diamond-cut engineering, the iPhone 5 also rates highly on looks as well as functionability.

So what features does the iPhone 5 pack into its glossy exterior? The dynamic new A6 chip and faster processor means that the iPhone 5 is twice as fast as the iPhone 4GS so downloads, app loading, gaming and media streaming are not only quicker but also smoother. As well as ultra-fast wireless connectivity which is compatible with networks worldwide, the iPhone 5 has built-in 4G LTE technology which is vital with 4G coverage being rolled out through the UK. Another important feature of the iPhone 5 is its superior battery life which can easily power 8 hours of browsing time, 10 hours of video playing and up to 8 hours of calls.

Sound-wise the handset has been completely revamped with 3 microphones, new noise-cancelling technology so you can carry on conversations in noisy rooms and don’t forget the iPhone 5 comes with the amazing new Apple EarPods designed for ultimate comfort and superb sound quality.

The built-in iSight 8-megapixel camera has also been improved from the one in the iPhone 4S with a new panorama picture feature allowing you to shoot up to 240 degrees and to combine your images to create beautiful panoramic shot. It also captures images up to 40% quicker and works better in low-light conditions. The HD video-recording feature has also been enhanced with superior video stabilisation for sharper footage and the ability to take photo stills in the midst of your video making.

The iPhone 5 also comes with some brilliant built-in apps including ‘Siri’, a voice-controlled virtual PA who can make phone calls, send messages and look up restaurants, find out football scores and do a whole host of other things to make your life easier.

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