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Our 5 Favourite Video Apps

MovieIf you don’t already use a video app when you film using your smartphone, it’s well worth checking out the many great ones which are out there. Here are 5 of our favourites.

Instagram (iOS, Android, Windows – Free)

One of the best known photo and video apps, video was added to the Instagram app last year and has proved to be hugely popular. Instagram allows you to share your photos and videos with friends and family via social media. The video option is very simple to use, you just select the movie camera icon and you can film up a short video up to 15 seconds long. Instagram are renowned for their beautiful effects and filters and video is no different. Choose from 13 filters for different effects and you can pick your favourite image from your video to use as the cover shot for your film.

Vine (iOS, Android, Windows – Free)

Another straight forward and fun video app with a big following is Vine. Popular with designers and creative types, Vine gives you precisely 6.5 seconds in which to shoot your video which can be shared on your Twitter and Facebook feed. Vine videos are played on a loop and users can search for and follow friends, family or trending video. Vine have recently launched Vine Messages (VMs) so you can send video messages and enjoy video conversations with people in your network.

Lapse It (iOS, Android – £1.49)
This award-winning app enables you to make your very own time lapse videos. Packed full of great features including customisable frames, reverse time, zoom and a choice of special effects, there’s also no time limit on how long your videos can be. You can add a sound track and upload your videos directly to Facebook and YouTube to impress your friends.

Action Movie FX (iOS, Android- Free)
This great app can completely transform your video into an action packed movie thanks to a choice of superb Hollywood-style special effects. There’s a choice of over 20 different effects which add action-style quality to your video and include explosions, battle scenes, crashes, dinosaurs and aliens amongst others. You can spend hours of entertainment creating some thrilling films starring your friends and of course yourself.

Video Star (iOS – Free)

If you ever fancied yourself as a music star then this is the perfect app for you. All you need to do is choose a track, lip sync and throw some moves and you’ve got yourself a brilliant music video. Video Star features some great special effects you can add to your film including reverse action, slow-mo, fast-forward and green screen. Upload onto YouTube and you could be a star in the making.


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