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Our 5 Favourite Party Apps

Top_5_Party_AppsMost people love a good party and believe it or not Christmas and the Party Season is pretty much upon us. So it’s time to get those party planning hats on whether you’ve got the job of arranging the Christmas Office Party, a festive bash with friends or a New Year soiree. There is a course an app for pretty much everything these days so here are 5 great apps to make your party one to remember.

Karaoke Anywhere (iOS, Android – Free)

A party isn’t a party without some music and when Karaoke is involved you can count on it being very entertaining too. Save yourself the expense and bother of hiring a Karaoke machine and simply download this fun app. You’ll have a choice of 200 well-known tracks for free or you have the option of paying a subscription fee (around £7) for an unlimited number of tracks or you can choose to pay a small amount per track downloaded. Karaoke Anywhere essentially works like a regular Karaoke machine, hook it up to your TV for a big-screen effect and do a bit of recording so you can embarrass your guests later in the evening.

Mixologist (iOS, Android – Free)

If you’re bored with the same old drinks, looking to spice up your party or are aiming for something a bit more sophisticated, this great cocktail app has lots of ideas and recipes to get you started. As well as plenty of cocktail concoctions, it also has some great suggestions for shots and various other drinks of an alcoholic nature. Stock up your drinks cabinet and dare your guests to try out the Random button which gives you a randomly chosen drink to make and, of course, sample.

Djay (iOS £6.99)

If you fancy yourself as the next Avicii, this great app is perfect for any aspiring DJs. If you’ve got teenage kids, this could keep them busy all night as it transforms your iPad into professional looking twin DJ decks. It works from the tracks stored on your iPad so load up your favourite music and get scratching, mixing and fading with the pro DJ features to create your own sound. Save yourself some time by experimenting and recording your mixes ahead of the party.

Elfster (iOS, Android – Free)

The Office Christmas party isn’t complete without the annual Secret Santa present swop. Unless there are only a handful of you, it can frankly be a bit of a nightmare to organise so one way to make life easier is to use one of the Secret Santa apps which are out there. Elfster is one such app. It works by email or Facebook where the Secret Santa participants sign up and then Elfster will do a draw and assign who will be buying presents for each of the participants. If you’re cheeky you could also put what you’d like to receive on a wish list! The organiser can see the list of who is meant to be buying what to keep things on track.

Simple Charades (iOS, Android – Free)

If you’re hosting a family party and need to keep all ages entertained, a game of good old charades can usually provide an hour or so of laughs. Simply Charades pretty much does everything for you from generating the words for the other team to guess, keeping the score and the choice of whether you want the words to be easy, hard or a mixture of the two. There’s a selection of categories so it can be tailored to individuals too.

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