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Our 5 Favourite iOS Games

iPhone user with a few minutes to spare for idle amusement?  Here are our 5 favourite games for iOS…

Monument Valley (£2.99)

Monument_ValleyWinner of several awards including Apple Game of the Year and Apple Design Award, Monument Valley is a beautifully designed puzzle game with stunning illustrations and enchanting music. The idea of the game is to take Ida, a silent princess, safely through the valley with its beautiful monuments and hidden paths. You need to unravel the optical illusions and keep one step ahead of the Crow People.


Real Racing 3 (Free)

Real-Racing-3Car and racing fans will love the exciting Real Racing 3 game. With iconic tracks to race around including Le Mans, Silverstone and Hockenheimring you can choose from over 100 super cars such as Paganis, Aston Martins and Lamborghini and select what type of race from over 2000 events. Race your mates across different gaming platforms or pop in to make some new friends.


Heads Up (£0.79)

headsupA charades-based game where you need to guess the word displayed on your smartphone which you have to hold across your forehead! Grab yourself some friends, family or both and see how many words you can guess, all you have to do is tilt your phone to move onto the next word. There are plenty of categories to choose from such as Films, Celebrities, Characters, Accents, Animals and you can even make your very own deck of words to guess. Perfect for parties, nights out and get togethers for all ages.


Virtua Tennis Challenge (£3.99)

virtua_tennis_challenge3A fantastic version for smartphones, go head to head with the world’s best tennis players in famous venues around the world. There’s a choice of modes to pick from such as Exhibition Matches, Quick Match Mode, SPT World Tour and Training Mode. Select your stadium and tennis playing surface and pit your skills against fifty fictional tennis players. You can play alone or challenge your friends to a match using the multiplayer mode via Bluetooth.


Game of Thrones (£3.99)

Game_of_ThronesLook out GOT addicts, there’s a seriously good adventure game app for the iPhone and iPad which complements the smash-hit series, Game of Thrones. With six episodes in total to conquer, you take on the role of various different characters and how you play the game with the decisions you make, influences the story and outcomes of the game.

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