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iPhone 7 Rumours: what will come with the new Apple phone?

iphone 7

The iPhone 6 ushered in the standard and Plus sizes and many other innovations. Apple has since brought out the SE model, that is smaller, but packs a punch.

However, as the autumn approaches, then the rumours start to build for the next big release, which will be the iPhone 7.

Can Apple continue to innovate and are there interesting features that we haven’t seen before that will tempt people to upgrade their iPhones?

Is the iPhone still the best smartphone out there with the intense competition from Android in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, HTC 10 and the many new Chinese manufacturers opening up the market?

As always, there is much speculation on the Internet, so here are a few of the rumours circulating about the new iPhone 7.

An all glass front – will the iPhone 7 have an edgeless front screen? This would certainly be an attractive and unusual feature and maximise the display.

No home button – it has been speculated that the home button will disappear completely to be replaced by a purely touch interface and perhaps a small touchpad in the same place.

No standard headphone jack – this has been talked about for some time. A controversial feature if Apple chooses to take away the standard headphone jack and replace it with an Apple-configured port or go completely wireless.

Blue instead of grey – it has been suggested that a deep blue or navy colour is going to replace the standard space grey colour of previous iPhones.

16Gb will disappear – Apple has been criticised for continuing to release 16Gb versions of the iPhone, when this is now considered to be very under-powered, so expect to see the iPhone 7 start at a 32GB basic model.

Are you excited about the new iPhone 7? All will be revealed when Apple launch it in September.




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