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iPhone 6 and iWatch – The Latest Rumours

iphone-6-hajek-concept-1Well it looks like we’ll only have a few more weeks to wait to see the brand new iPhone 6 as Apple are expected to unveil two new iPhones at a big event on the 9th September. It’s rumoured that both the anticipated 4.7-inch iPhone 6 as well as the bigger phablet sized 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models will be introduced and that the smaller of the two smartphones will be available to buy later on in September.

There have been some reports that the larger iPhone 6 and the iWatch will be hitting the shops later this year, possibly in November in good time for the Christmas shopping season. There is no confirmed news on the launch of the iWatch at the moment although there is some speculation that there will be a separate Apple launch event around about October time. As well as the exciting news on the launch dates there have also been yet more rumours on what we can expect to see from the iPhone 6 and Apple’s forthcoming wearable, the iWatch.

With Apple’s investment in a Sapphire Glass plant, it was thought that the super tough sapphire glass would feature more widely in the iPhone 6 and iWatch but lately it’s looking like they won’t be used in the iPhone 6 displays. The crystals needed for the sapphire glass are slow to grow and the sheer scale of the sapphire glass which would be needed for the millions of new iPhone 6 handsets make it a pretty tall order particularly given the time Apple have had to manufacture their latest iPhone. The iWatch may also not come with a sapphire glass screen as it may not be flexible enough to work with the OLED panels for the smartwatches display.

The reason for the anticipated delay on the availability of the 5.5-inch iPhone is thought to be a few issues with testing and production. It would make sense for Apple to hold back the iWatch until both iPhone 6 smartphones are widely available.

There’s good news for Apple fans as the new A8 processors which are expected to be included in the iPhone 6 handsets should offer far superior battery efficiency than previous models. The iPhone 6 will also come with Apple’s  new health and fitness technology HealthKit and it could also come with HomeKit which gives users the option of controlling their home appliances with their iPhone. Keep an eye on our blogs over the coming weeks for the latest news on these exciting new Apple products.

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