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Have You Discovered Flipagram Yet?

FlipagramMillions of us use Instagram but how many of you have heard of Flipagram?

Flipagram is a newish phenomenon which has been gathering pace recently with some top celebrity users and a growing following of fans which has recently exceeded the 30 million mark. Here’s the lowdown.

If you’ve got a lot of photos and videos on your smartphone (and let’s face it who hasn’t?), the Flipagram app is a great way of making your own short videos using a selection of them. As well as using images off your phone, you can also add music to your videos by simply picking your favourite tunes from your music library. To personalise them further you could add some text or narrate a few words and of course there are 15 lovely filters to choose from to make your film look even more beautiful.

As well as adding music tracks already on your smartphone, you can also search for inspiration for your soundtrack thanks to a new deal Flipagram has signed with some of the top music labels and publishers.

Once your video is ready you can share it with your mates, colleagues or family both on Flipagram as well as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. Similar to Facebook, anyone who has viewed your film can like it and/or comment on it and you can find fellow friends and interesting celebs to follow too as well as receiving notifications of any new and exciting posts.

Flipagram is a quick, fun and innovative way of making your own films, sharing your photos and memories and is available free to download on iOS, Android and Windows.

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