Get Excited! The iPhone 5S Launches Next Week (Probably)

iphone-5s-gold-leak-1376667559Apple fans – it’s time to get excited!  Invitations have gone out for an event at Apple’s Cupertino Campus on 10th September and the likelihood is the iPhone 5S is about to be announced.  So what can we expect from Apple’s brand new flagship phone?

Size-wise, we’re expecting the iPhone 5S to be the same dimensions as its predecessor, the iPhone 5. That’s been the norm for all ‘S’ upgrades to date. So we can expect the screen to remain 4 inch – smallish by modern smartphone standards – although the nature of the screen is rumoured to change to IGZO technology from IPS. The reason for the change? IGZO consumes less power which could mean a welcome boost to its battery performance.

In terms of what’s inside, the speculation is that Apple has boosted up both the processor power and the memory.  Rumour has it that the former is going to be upgraded to 1.5GHz quad-core version compared to the iPhone 5’s dual core 1.3GHz CPU. Add to that a doubling of RAM, from 1 to 2GB, and the prospects are an altogether slicker and faster experience. In terms of the memory, we’ve heard that they will be a 128GB version, which would be a departure as no iPhone has offered more than 64GB before.

Other hardware features that have figured consistently on the rumour mill include the contactless technology NFC (although that was supposed to arrive with the iPhone 5 and didn’t…), a 12-megapixel camera and a fingerprint sensor on the home button for extra security.

Those of your wanting something a little different from the usual black and white colour options will be pleased to learn that images have leaked of a gold version – presumably for lovers of bling.

But perhaps the most exciting rumour is that the event on the 10th may see more than just the launch of the iPhone 5S.  A cheaper, and more colourful, iPhone – the 5C – may be launched at the same event.  The reasoning behind the move?  Well, Apple is worried that it may be losing out to cheaper Android handsets, particularly in emerging markets. So if the iPhone 5C turns out to be fact, rather than fiction, we may find it doesn’t appear in the UK market at all.

Of course, we’ll be bring the announcements from the 10th September event as soon as we have them.

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