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Cool Smartphone & Tablet Accessories for your Kids

ion_audio_discover_dj_system0tjstandardIf you’ve got older kids, chances are they already have a smartphone or tablet which has been put to good use. If you’re stuck for a last minute Christmas gift or they’ve got some Christmas money they’re desperate to spend, here’s some inspiration for some cool and slightly different smartphone and tablet gadgets.

ION Audio DJ System (approx £22)

Most kids love music. If you’ve got an aspiring DJ in the house or you need some tunes for your New Year’s party, this brilliant gadget transforms most iOS devices (iPod, iPhone & iPad) into a funky and effective DJ system. All you need to do is hook the ION DJ System up to your Apple device and download the relevant DJ app and you’re all set to mix some tracks. The DJ System features two turntable decks, a host of audio effects and the all important cross-fader.

Lego Life of George (around £30)

It was only a matter of time before the global brick-building giant Lego developed an interactive game featuring physical bricks and a smartphone or tablet. Lego Life of George is exactly that – George is busy exploring and travelling the globe and he needs your help to complete various challenges involving Lego building along the way. You use the Lego bricks included with the game to build the models as quickly as possible, take a photo of your masterpiece with your handset and then George awards you a score depending on how you’ve done. Great for single players or for playing with friends.

Atari Arcade ( approx £17)

Convert your iPad into one of those Arcade Gaming Machine famous in the ‘70s and ‘80s with the Atari Arcade gadget. This fun and retro gadget comes with a joystick and some old-fashioned buttons and knobs so you can play those arcade game classics on your iPad. Cheap, cheerful and lots of fun.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Racing Car (approx £30)

If you fancy adding a bit of authenticity and excitement to your racing games, this is just the thing. It’s essentially a racing car complete with a bucket-style seat and steering wheel which you attach your iPad onto. Even better it’s inflatable which means it doesn’t take up too much space as you can just blow it up with the included pump when you need it and store it away when you don’t. Genius!

Perler Ironing Beads

Guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment, you can now use your Perler Beads with an iPad. The pack consists of an I-Pegboard Tablet which attaches on top of your iPad screen. Use the beads to create some lovely designs alongside the free Perler app.

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