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Apple Watch – The Latest

apple-iwatch_2000x1125-1940x1091We saw the Apple Watch for the first time back in September when Apple unveiled it at their iPhone 6 launch event. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, called it a ‘revolutionary product’ which he expects to captivate the world. Some more information has just leaked out into the public domain about this much awaited wearable, and as so many of our customers are Apple fans, we thought we’d share the latest with you.

Apple are placing a big emphasis on the fact that the Apple Watch can be customised and personalised to the user’s taste and requirements. Recent leaks concerning the Apple Watch have contained information on the iPhone app which will accompany the watch. Expect to be able to design and create your very own watch face image as well as choosing which apps you want to appear on your watch screen. For quicker messaging of your closest friends and contacts, you can decide which contacts to include on your Friends screen. You can also limit messages from unknown callers you don’t want to deal with.

If you’d prefer not to notified of your fitness tracking updates or that you’ve been sat down for too long then you can always choose to receive a weekly summary of your fitness accomplishments and goals instead of daily alerts.

It’s thought that most of the Apple Watch settings will be managed using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Any new apps compatible with the Apple Watch will also need to be installed via an iPhone connected to the watch.

The Apple Watch is expected to be available sometime in the Spring, possibly in March, with Apple anticipating to ship more than 20 million watches this year. We’ll keep you updated with all the news on the Apple Watch over the next few months, of course.

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