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Android Pay with Your Phone

android payGoogle’s Android Pay launched today in the UK meaning that most smartphone owners are now able to pay for items with a swipe of their phone.

Apple Pay launched just under a year ago and is now supported by most UK banks, so iPhone and Apple Watch owners have been able to use their devices to pay for goods for some time.

It is not just the Internet giants that are enabling swift mobile payments with Samsung also offering it’s own mobile payment capabilities.

Google’s newly launched contactless payment system will pitch it yet again against Apple in a battle for UK consumers’ wallets. However, with the increasing popularity of Android phones, many will welcome the chance to use Google’s system.

To use Android Pay, you will need an Android phone running KitKat 4.4 or above and a phone with a near-field communication or NFC chip.

The Android Pay app doesn’t have to be open to make a payment and payments under £30 can be made without unlocking your phone, as long as the screen is on.

Larger payments need a code, fingerprint or a lock pattern to be entered.

apple pay

A code is generated for each transaction, so bank details are not handed over to merchants for Apple or Android Pay. However, a fingerprint is needed for every transaction on Apple Pay, regardless of the amount.

The payment systems are not just good for spending in the shops, as many apps will also accept this payment method.

How long before all you need when you go out is your phone?



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