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5 of the Best Hot New Smartphone Games

Did you know we spend 85% of our time on our smartphones using apps, and 1/3 of that time using apps playing games? With that in mind, we thought you might be interested in the 5 hottest new smartphone games around.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 (iOS, Android £2.99)

amazing-spider-man-2-screen-6The latest in the Spider Man films was released in the UK last month and what better to complement the blockbuster movie than a great new 3D game you can play on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The official Amazing Spider Man 2 gaming app will definitely appeal to Spider Man fans of all ages. Like the film, the game is set in the city of New York and its many iconic and famous landmarks feature prominently. The challenge is to fight off all the usual Spider Man villains along with a few new ones and to protect the city and its inhabitants from their evil plots of destruction. Lots of fun to be had with superb combat battles, aerial fights and, of course, web making.

Heads Up! (iOS, Android – £0.69)

Heads Up is a bit like charades but with a mobile phone and a virtual card on your forehead. The object of the game is to guess the word or words which are on the card and have to be described by your fellow party gamers. Instead of using actual cards, everything is done by this fun app. There are 18 different topic themes which include the names of films, celebrities, characters and animals. You just hold your smartphone up to your head, tilt it and a card is randomly chosen which you need to guess with your friends offering the clues. Brilliant for parties, when you’re down the pub or have time to kill wherever you are.

Monument Valley (iOS, Android £2.49)

There’s been quite a buzz around this game since it launched last month with more than half a million downloads on iOS in just a few weeks. The Android version was released just last week and it’s seen rave reviews as it’s a little bit different to a lot of gaming apps which are currently around. Rather than a game to get your adrenaline going, Monument Valley is quite the opposite – it’s easy to play, relaxing and you can immerse yourself in the tranquil and very beautiful surroundings. Designed by a couple of developers in London, you need to assist Princess Ida who is a silent princess and keep her safe from the Crow People. You accompany Ida on her journey through stunning temples and palaces which feature incredible architecture and dazzling optical illusions as she travels around the world.

Boom Beach (iOS, Android – free)

Perfect for the summer, Boom Beach is a game of action packed combat set on a archipelago of exotic tropical islands. The feared enemy Blackguard is invading the islands with his troop of enemy baddies and you’ve got a fight on your hands to protect the beaches and their islanders as well as discovering and exploring new shores. As well as the challenge of various battles, you ultimately need to overthrow Blackguard and unlock the ancient and mysterious powers that the islands are hiding.

Icebreaker – A Viking Voyage (iOS, Android – £0.69)

Fun as well as a good work out for the old grey matter, Icebreaker’s Viking Voyage has recently been released for Android thanks to its popularity and good reviews on iOS. Viking Voyage is a cross between a puzzle and action game. The aim of the game is to free the Viking Norse warriors but first you need to complete 140 levels of challenges and puzzles as you blast your way through various obstacles which are put in your path. There are some tricky bits but it’s entertaining and it certainly makes you think.

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