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5 New Addictive Games for 2014

The weather’s appalling, the TV’s not much better so why not download one of the hot new games of 2014 to keep yourself entertained.

Flappy Bird (iOS, Android – free)

Released in the summer of last year but storming up the app charts is the extremely addictive Flappy Birds game. The free app was initially created for iOS and has seen a big rise in popularity recently and is also now available to download for Android. In a nutshell, the aim of the game is to fly your flappy bird by tapping your screen whilst dodging the pipes placed in various locations to earn points and medals. It sounds simple enough but it can actually be quite tricky and judging by the number of tweets on twitter, it’s driving many people to distraction. The good news is the Android Flappy Bird app is apparently a lot easier to play so worth downloading this version too.

Doctor Who: Legacy (iOS, Android – free)

An absolute must-have for any Doctor Who fans out there. Legacy is based on the sixth and seventh series of Doctor Who so it features Matt Smith as the Doctor, his companions, the Weeping Angels as well as Daleks and The Silence. Legacy is a clever strategic game where you need to earn time crystals to attack the monsters as you go.

Lawless (iOS – free)

Definitely one for the grownups, this arcade-style all action game will have you hooked in no time. You’re the head honcho of a criminal gang who embark on a whole host of dangerous missions whilst racking up the points and trying to avoid jail. Show how accurate your aim is with some classic arcade shooting and pick your best weapons and gang members to complete the missions.

Feed Me Oil 2 (iOS £1.99)

The sequel to the original Feed Me Oil, version 2 challenges you to fill up the characters with oil and work out how to guide your gallons of the black stuff to its destination. Feed Me Oil 2 has been revamped with improved graphics, trickier puzzles and more realistic physics as you move through air, water and ice. There are also new tools to play with including windmills, cannons and fans to assist you with working out the puzzles and earning you stars when you complete the levels.

Angry Birds Go! (iOS, Android – free)

The very latest in the Angry Birds games from Rovio and every bit as addictive as the others. The Angry Birds are tearing up Piggy Island on their go-karts. Complete with 3D, you can race as a bird or a pig and drive as fast as you can to the finish whilst avoiding obstacles and the other competitors. There’s lot of different tracks to navigate, different cars to upgrade to and special powers to deploy. Great fun for all ages.


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