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5 Great Cases for Your iPhone 5s

If you’re the lucky owner of a lovely, shiny new iPhone 5S, you’ll no doubt be considering purchasing a case to keep it pristine and protected from scratches and being accidentally dropped. Here are 5 of the best iPhone 5S cases to keep it safe and secure.

Otterbox Defender

Otterbox_DefenderThis tough and ultra robust multi-layer case is a good bet for anyone who’s out and about a lot, works outside or has kids who can’t resist getting their sticky mitts on their Mum or Dad’s new iPhone. The Ottobox Defender case is made up of a reinforced screen protector combined with a polycarbonate protective layer which is then wrapped in a silicone outer layer. It will essentially offer protection from bumps, falls and scratches as well as being dust, sand and dirt proof. Costing around £40 it also features a kickstand for watching video and movies and a belt clip.

Incipio Kicksnapp

incipio-kicksnapThis hard-shelled case is super strong and hardwearing. It’s great value at around £15 and as well as offering good protection against knocks it’s pretty slimline and doesn’t add much weight to your handset. As the name suggests, it also sports a handy kick-stand for hands-free use or for watching media.




Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie_Juice_PackNot just a neat and protective case but the Mophie Juice Pack also boasts a 1500mAh slim battery to prolong your iPhone 5S battery life and to top up the charge when you’re on the move. Especially handy if you use your phone a lot or are never in any place long enough to charge it adequately. It also features a convenient micro-USB port which enables you to charge both your handset and the Juice pack simultaneously with the case still on.





LifeProof fre

A rather aesthetically pleasing and compact case which covers your entire iPhone 5S (yes even the screen) and is water, snow, dirt and impact-proof. It’s also super thin, light and robust and meets military standards to offer protection in tough environments. The case doesn’t affect any of your iPhone’s functions and TouchID continues to operate normally through the screen protector. The LifeProof fre has only just been released and is expected to cost around £60.


Tech21 D30

tech21-d3o-impact-band-for-iphone-5s-5-smoke-p36293-bA pretty popular case which fits the iPhone 5 as well as the iPhone 5S and 5C. It gets its name from the D30 material it incorporates which is used to manufacture extreme sports protective equipment. The Tech21 D30 offers superb impact protection from drops and falls and also comes in an attractive slim-line design which doesn’t hinder access to the control buttons. Available in a clear see-through case, the Tech 21 D30 retails for just under £17.

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