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5 Great Apps for Extending Your Battery Life

Fed up of having to charge up your mobile mid-way through the day? If you use your mobile a lot, chances are it won’t make it through 24 hours without needing to be charged. As well as making changes to some of the settings on your phone which can make your handset more efficient, there are also some great battery-extending apps out there. We take a look at 5 of our favourites.

Battery-Doctor-Battery-Saver-IconBattery Doctor (iOS, Android – free) – one of the most downloaded battery saving apps, Battery Doctor comes with an in-built ‘task killer’ which can cleverly turn off apps and settings  on your phone which are draining power and aren’t actually being used. You can also use Battery Doctor to assess what processes and apps you use regularly and are using up the majority of your battery. This can help you to decide what you want to disable or use at a particular time so you can extend the battery life between charges.

Advance_Mobile_CareAdvanced Mobile Care (Android – free) – one of our favourites, Advanced Mobile Care is a battery extending and mobile phone security app rolled into one. As well as featuring a task killer similar to Battery Doctor, it also helps to protect your handset from viruses which can be a drain on the battery as well as a pain in the proverbial. This brilliant app also serves as a great anti-theft deterrent and has some useful privacy settings including Privacy Locker where documents can be securely protected and Call Blocker for unwanted and annoying calls. Advanced Mobile Care features a Cloud Backup so you contacts and call logs can be backed up virtually.

Juice_DefenderJuice Defender (Android – free) – another very popular battery saving app for eking out an extra few hours of battery life between charges. Just download it, choose the preset modes and it will operate all by itself switching off any unnecessary processes or apps which aren’t being used. If you fancy having a go at managing your smartphone’s battery power yourself, it also has settings which you can customise to suit your needs.

Easy_Battery_SaverEasy Battery Saver (Android – free) – this app certainly lives up to its name and is simply and easy to use. Choose from one of the four battery saving options which range from a general and more basic option to the ultimate Super Power Saving option. It comes with handy tutorials if you need help to change any of the settings yourself and it features an Advanced Customised Mode which enables you to determine which battery saving efficiencies are priority depending on how you use your phone and which apps you use most frequently.

Carat-appCarat (iOS, Android – free) – if you like the idea of your phone or tablet being monitored for a few days so personalised reports can be created on your battery use with recommendations for improved efficiency and usage then you will love the Carat app. The reports will highlight which apps are proving to be heavy on battery use so you can decide if they are necessary or not and Carat will also find any viruses or bugs on your handset which need to be eradicated. It can also provide comparisons on battery efficiencies for other mobile phone users who have the same smartphone as you.

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