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4 Great Camera Accessories for Your iPhone

Chances are that unless you’re a professional photographer or one of those organised people who always has their camera handy, most of your day-to-day photos will be snapped on your mobile phone. There is of course a whole load of useful and wonderful iPhone apps available to enhance and beautify your images but have you considered investing in some accessories to take them to another level? Here are some of the best accessories for your iPhone camera.


olloclipA very clever and compact 3-in-one camera accessory which is small enough to keep in your pocket. The Olloclip comes with a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens and a macro lens giving you three different camera effects in one. All you need to do is choose which effect you’re after and slide it over your iPhone camera lens. The wide angle lens gives you double the depth of your usual iPhone photos, the fisheye lens will give you scope to take shots covering 180 degrees and the macro lens will give you a zoom effect to 10x so ideal for those close-up photos. The Olloclip can produce some stunning photos if you use it alongside photography apps and you can get some lovely results combined with the panorama mode on your iPhone camera.


i.amDesigned by the music mogul Will.i.am, the i.am+foto.sosho is a wearable iPhone camera accessory come iPhone case come fashion statement. With prices starting at £199 and only available at Selfridges, it’s certainly not one of the cheapest accessories around but it gives pretty decent results. How it works is that your iPhone is inserted into the case which gives it a traditional boxed shaped camera look. The i.am+foto.sosho is a pretty powerful piece of kit and it features a selection of filters, interchangeable lenses, a built-in flash as well as photo editing software and a small keyboard so you can easily upload and share your photos.


poppy-3D-iPhone-camera-xlConvert your iPhone into a 3D camera with this brilliant accessory which is compatible with iPhones from the iPhone 4 and upwards as well as the newer iPod Touch (fifth generation). Poppy basically fits onto your iPhone or iPod and as you take photos or film video using your iPhone camera, it uses stereographic technology to capture two images simultaneously. When you view the results through the Poppy viewfinder, you will see your pictures and film in 3D. As well as making your own 3D photos and video, you can watch any existing 3D video already on YouTube using your Poppy accessory.

Holga iPhone filter

Holga-FilterA reasonably priced and fun iPhone camera accessory which will give you hours of enjoyment for less than 15 quid. Resembling a colourful old-fashioned telephone dial, the Holga filter fits onto your iPhone as if you were putting it into a case. Without the need to install any apps or use any special software, the Holga gives you a choice of 9 different special effects and filters which include a macro lens, dual image lens and coloured filters. If you want to be really creative you could use it in conjunction with Instagram for make beautiful and unique images.

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