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4 Apps for All Your Dating Needs

invisible-girlfriend-startup-provides-fake-love-for-a-priceMore and more people are using apps to find themselves a partner but did you know there are also apps to help you keep the love of your life as well as create a virtual partner or ditch someone? Take a look at some of the apps out there to help you sort out your relationships.


If you’re new to the online dating scene then this is a great app to start off with. It works by matching you and two of your friends with another group of three friends. This should make a date way more relaxed than meeting a stranger on your own and as you are with your two friends, you know that you’re going to be safe and in excellent company. All you have to do is download the app, sign up and agree to a night out. Grouper emails you the info on where to meet up and you’re ready to meet up.


Getting a girlfriend is one thing but keeping her happy and interested can be an entirely different matter. Fear not there is an app out there to offer advice and pearls of wisdom as well as practical reminders so you don’t forget special dates and events. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you need to answer a few easy questions and then the app will offer suggestions for romantic dates, gifts and will even remind you to do those household chores which are sure to earn you brownie points.


Most people are familiar with Tinder for finding potential partners and now there’s Binder for giving you a hand to break up a relationship. Binder is in fact a jokey app designed by a Lager company where you can send a text message to your other half as well as a recorded message with the reason you want to break up with them. Like Tinder, you simply swipe to get rid of someone, fill in a couple of details and the message is sent.

Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Sometimes a virtual partner could be handy. No demands on your time, no-one to nag you and you can get your parents or work colleagues off you’re back if they’re trying to set you up with someone. You can pretty much create your own virtual partner as you can pick a photo of how you would like them to look, choose their age and personality and invent a story on how you met. To make it authentic you can even send and receive text messages from your new love.

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