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Apple Have An Announcement For Us on March 25

Apple confirm they’re hosting a ‘special event’ on 25th March

The rumour mills are grinding out a huge amount of possibilities for the Apple announcement on the 25th March. It’s almost like trying to work out the plot and subtext of a Shakespeare play. The venue is significant, the countdown show reel is significant what does it all mean?

According to David Phelan of Forbes it means:

‘This year, the March event is going to be focused on Apple’s TV and News subscription services, it seems.

Take a look at the invite. The legend, “It’s Showtime” is a clue, of course, though frankly, every Apple keynote is quite the show, so it doesn’t tell us that much.

But before the words are revealed, the animated invite scrolls through a film reel countdown like, you know, a cinema projector counting down to the first frame of a movie.

That’s two big clues, then.

Plus, of course, there have been plenty of rumours that Apple News was gaining a refresh and we’ve known for a while that Apple was spending many millions of dollars creating content for its own service to rival Netflix, likely subscription-based.

Here’s what we know.

Date and time

As predicted, the event is set for Monday, March 25. It’ll start, as all Apple keynotes do, at 10AM local time.

The Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park.Apple


The Steve Jobs Theatre is the venue. That’s another clue that this is a big event. It’s the first time Apple has used its special location for any press event other than an iPhone launch.

What will be announced?

Rumors have been flying that the event will be star-studded. Well, after all, if you’ve bought the services of J.J. Abrams and Jennifer Aniston, why wouldn’t you show them off? Since Apple has deals with Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and others, with shows starring Aaron Paul, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon, don’t be surprised if some of them make appearances.

The service is likely to be a subscription model, like Netflix or Amazon Prime but details such as price and when the programming will go live have yet to be confirmed.

The TV and movies Apple is paying for will be the big, attention-grabbing announcement, so expect this to go last. Apple knows how to build to a climax.

But there will also be the announcement of the subscription-based Apple News which will give access to hundreds of magazines, newspapers and so on for a set monthly fee, likely to be the same as Apple Music: $9.99 a month.

This is no surprise: Apple bought Texture, a digital magazine subscription service a year ago and the March 25 announcement has been expected pretty much ever since.

No hardware at all?

The products look set to be announced in the days before March 25, though it’s possible they will be mentioned, perhaps at the beginning of the event or as a way of saying, what better way to read your magazine, or watch your TV shows, than on a cool new iPad?

All will be revealed, in under two weeks.’

As always Direct Mobiles will keep you as up to date with all the latest Apple news.

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