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Apple iPhone News

Apple iPhone News


Today the majority of  press are reporting that Apple are forecasting a  drop of 10% in global sales of the iPhone in the next quarter.

Nikkei Asian Review said:

Apple cut its quarterly sales forecast for the first time in 16 years last week, saying that iPhone sales were lower than expected, particularly in China.

This is bad news for investors and Apple itself,  $75 billion wiped of the value of any company is big news. How does this affect the humble mobile phone user here in the UK? Cuts in production and forecasts are a result of poor demand. Therefore there are too many handsets in warehouses and stores that have not been sold . Apple are notorious for holding their pricing so don’t expect any more discounting,  if you need an iPhone check out the best iPhone 8  deals available here: best iPhone 8 deals. What we may benefit from is some real innovation from Apple in their next release. Apple have been guilty in the past of releasing iterations of devices, you only have to look at the model range to work this out, iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7 and now the XR XS and XS max. They don’t really suggest any huge upgrades do they?

iPhone XR in all colours

Apple what next?

Are Apple suffering because the competition is getting stronger day by day? The chinese manufacturers are releasing some great mobile phones at the moment and they are about 30% cheaper than an an iPhone. Samsung have released a range of handsets recently that compete squarely in mid range price bracket in Asia perhaps some of these will filter over to the UK in the very near future.

There a some rumours of a new iPhone release in 2019 but nothing concrete enough for us to report just yet.

Let’s hope that the next Apple  release has some real new innovations and features that make us want to renew our contracts and not stick with our iphone for another year.

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