Apple iOS 14: New Features Coming to Your iPhone

Your iPhone is about to get an upgrade

With the announcement of iOS 14 at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference this week, iPhone fans can expect big changes when the new version of the operating system lands later this year. While the previous update (iOS 13) focused largely on privacy and speed improvements, the latest incarnation of iOS focuses on customisation options.

The biggest surprise is that the iPhone will be receiving a brand new home screen, which has been carefully designed to allow for greater feature integration and functionality. In addition to this, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a slew of small tweaks to the iPhone, from the live-streamed, digital-only event.

Here are just a handful of new features iPhone users can look forward to with the next update:

1) App Library

For the first time, iOS users will be able to browse each of their installed apps in list view via the new App Library. This allows users to sort apps into categories, find installed apps via a search function or hide apps from their home screen but still keep them installed.

2) Widgets

In iOS 14, Apple is finally bringing widgets to the main home screen. These widgets will sit between app icons. Siri has made it to the home screen as a widget, as opposed to having its own page which takes up the entire screen. Overall, this makes for a more streamlined experience and makes better use of your screen to show useful information.

3) Apple Translate

After the popularity of Google Translate, Apple has decided to follow suit with its own app. Apple Translate works offline and can translate both speech and text from 11 different languages.

4) Voice transcription

Ever wanted to take down the minutes of a meeting without having to type? Now you can. iOS 14 will feature offline voice transcription for dictation, which means your iPhone can now act as your own personal assistant during meetings and discussions. This feature could also prove useful for students in lecture halls who are too busy listening to take down detailed notes, or journalists out and about.

5) CarKey

Yes, Apple is turning the iPhone into a digital car key with the all-new CarKey feature. This will allow users to unlock their car using NFC Near Field Communication). Those who don’t want to upgrade to iOS 14 just yet will also be able to take advantage of CarKey, as it’s being rolled out on iOS 13 too. The 2021 BMW 5 series will be the first vehicle to support the technology.

6) iMessage tweaks

iMessage has been revamped and improved for iOS 14, and now features pinned messages and @-mentions (similar to other popular messaging services such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger). Group chat functionality has also been improved.

7) Improved Maps

Apple has invested a lot in improving its maps service. These improvements are now making their way to the UK and Ireland, complete with electric vehicle charging information, downloadable exploration guides and new cycling routes.

8) App Clips

Ever wanted to access the partial functionality of an app without having to install it in full? The new App Clips feature in the App Store allows you to do this – it helps to save space and allows you to access vital app functions without filling your phone with unnecessary bloatware.

9) Improved privacy

In an age of almost unlimited connectivity, Apple is aware of the demand for increased privacy. This means there are some significant changes concerning privacy in iOS 14. Users will have greater control over the type of data collected and who it is shared with.

In the app store, new labels will show precisely how, when and where apps gather data or track users. Apple has implemented this to provide users with greater choice over the apps they decide to use or avoid.

Users will also be able to share an approximate location instead of an exact one, and there’s the option of being prompted whenever a specific app wants to access your location information.

10) Default apps

Have you ever wanted to set a default browser or mail app? Now you can (finally). Apple users will no longer be tied down to Safari when opening links. In iOS 14, you can now set your default apps, allowing you to use whatever mail client or browser you like as standard.


The announcement of iOS 14 and the new features it contains is certain to get iPhone users excited – and it might just be enough to pique the interests of Android users who are considering a switch. If you think the new, feature-rich iOS could be enough to sway you into purchasing a new iPhone, head on over to our latest iPhone deals page where we’ve compared all the best offers currently available in the UK.

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