100GB for £10 eSIM Only Deal Launches For iPhone & Android Phones

We don’t know of a better SIM deal in the UK today for that much data.

SIM Only plans continue to be a popular choice for UK folk who are happy with their existing phone but want to reduce their monthly bill. After all, if you don’t need to upgrade your iPhone this year and you’re at the end of your contract, you can save a substantial amount by switching over to a SIM Only plan. They’re also a useful option if you find yourself running out of mobile data each month and need some extra.

Extreme (yep, the action sports brand) launched their own mobile network this year; Extreme Connect.  As part of their launch offers, they’ve dropped the price of their 100GB data plan to just £10 a month. And it’s on a 30 day rolling contract, rather than for 12 or 24 months so you’re free to cancel if it’s not for you.

Extreme Connect’s SIM only plans use eSIM. That means you sign up for it and activate the plan via a downloadable app in the app store, rather than having to get yourself a plastic SIM card. Download the app, choose the plan and activate it – once enabled, it works just like a traditional SIM card.  All iPhones since the iPhone X support eSIM and all the Samsung Galaxy phones since the S20 do too. Plus the Google Pixel 4a, 6 and 6 Pro.

And if you want to keep your existing SIM only plan too (or use another) you can, as an eSIM plan will work alongside another plastic SIM card on the same phone. This means you can take advantage of the 100GB for £10 deal, even if you’re still with another network or want to keep your other SIM for voice and text messaging.

To grab the deal, search Extreme Connect in your phones app store and follow the steps to sign up and activate.  Or you can use these links to head straight to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

It’s worth remembering, Extreme Connect is a data-only mobile network at the moment so when using it, calls and messaging have to be through the likes of Facetime, iMessage, Facebook, etc. However, you can also use the 100GB for streaming music and Netflix, online gaming and surfing the internet. And hey, who makes phones calls nowadays anyway?

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