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You can now play Snake on your iPhone

Back in 2017, Nokia announced the return of the legendary Nokia 3310 complete with mobile-gaming classic, Snake. If you’re an iPhone user with fond memories of the game, but not quite willing to give up your smartphone powerhouse, worry not!  You can now download and play retro Snake for free on your iPhone.  

Snake game for iPhone
The game comes complete with retro Nokia screens for your iPhone

And it comes complete with a 90’s Nokia 3310-inspired keypad displayed on screen.  In fact, you can choose from 6 different old-school Nokia phones.  Perfect for that train ride into the office.

Actual iPhone screenshot!
Actual iPhone screenshot!

You’ll find it in the Apple App Store and it’s free to download here https://appsto.re/gb/jEchA.i.  For those that of you that prefer the updated game Snake 2, that’s included too!

Snake game for iPhone
Actual iPhone screenshot!

So what are you waiting for? Download it and tweet us your high score with #snakescore. 

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