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Valentines Day Cards and Gifts

The History

The origin of Valentines can be traced back to the days of the Roman Empire and Saint Valentine. The day did not become associated with romantic love until days of Geoffery Chaucer in the 14th Century. During the 18th Century Valentines day evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting gifts and flowers. Today that expression of love has moved on even further, chocolates, champagne as well as cards are the order of the day. But as we move on again is valentines becoming an occasion for an experiential gift?


We have been looking around trying to find you some unusual gifts as well as picking out some of the more traditional places to get the best gifts and cards for your loved ones.There are a number of web sites and apps that collate gifts for males or females or anything in between. Although not exclusively for valentines day they can take the pain out purchasing for your loved one whether it is Valentines Day, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers day and not forgetting a birthday.






If you were looking to purchase an experience rather than a gift then take a look at the list below:





If eating out is part of your plan for Valentines day, you may want to take read this anonymous account of Valentines day by a Restaurant General Manager which was first published on the web site www.culturetrip.com

‘It’s February 14 and you want to express your love for your significant other so you think take them out to dinner. Sure, we’ll book you in and make damn sure that your stay doesn’t exceed the 90-minute table turn time; in at 7pm billed and out by 8.30pm just as the evening’s hotting up. That table reset so fast the next set of diners travel back in time.

To take the pain out of any decision making we’ll up-sell a menu to you – only £75.00 for five courses – of fabulously rampant gross profit generating tawdriness with a glass of bubbles thrown in. As you’ve not got to discuss what you’re going to order, you can use that time to sit in silence like all the other couples in the restaurant apart from when you gladly and gleefully engage with your charming and erudite waiter who breaks the silent rage across the now flat prosecco and the room temperature oysters.

But after the cacophony of Decembers office Christmas dinners and the January freeze in turnover, we do welcome you with grateful and open arms. For all those reasons above it’s one of the worst evenings to come out and dine, but do come. We need you star crossed lovers. Come out and spend, spend, spend.’


Once you have made the decision about the gift, dinner and flowers the only thing left is the card, easy right? Well yes it actually is, the advent of digital printing had revolutionised the greeting card industry. Now we no longer have to stand for hours perusing the same old cards hoping that the one you choose sparks the correct response, you can create a personalised card using your own text, images and have it delivered direct to your significant other. Some of the best are listed below:






We hope here at direct mobiles that you have a great valentines day and if you are not already with your true love that you find that person soon, please take a look at some of other guides for further information.


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